The Top 10 Answers to “Why should I Learn Hindi?”

Top 10 Answers to “Why Should I Learn Hindi?”

The Top 10 Answers to “Why should I Learn Hindi?” – Learning a language is a serious decision. It takes a lot of grit and discipline to master a new language—in this case, Hindi.

As you consider your options, you might start asking yourself: Why learn Hindi? Is it really worth the time and effort?

Of course, the myriad of answers to these questions adds to the confusion and makes it more difficult for you to make a decision.

It’s interesting to see how even genuinely interested people can, at times, generate so many vague excuses to put off Hindi learning.
That’s why it’s important to analyze the top reasons for studying Hindi.
If nothing else, remembering the “why” helps us stick to our language learning goal and motivates us to do better.

Ready to be inspired? Come and explore how wonderful the language is!

The Top 10 Answers to "Why should I Learn Hindi?"
The Top 10 Answers to “Why should I Learn Hindi?”


1. The Deep-rooted Hindi-an Culture
India has made its mark as one of the world’s largest democracies.
Its ancient cultural history has enchanted mankind for ages. Being the offspring of Sanskrit—the mother of many languages—Hindi penetrates the old and new social values of Indian society.

i – Spoken by the Majority!
India has the second highest population in the world, and the majority of this population speaks Hindi.

Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Delhi speak Hindi and its various dialects as their mother tongue.

Mind you! Uttar Pradesh is the most heavily populated state in India, while Delhi is a melting pot of various cultures and occupants from different states—this naturally adds to the rising number of Hindi speakers.

ii- Spiritual / Literary Learning
Every year, people from all over the world love to visit India for spiritual purposes. More often than not, their Indian mentors deliver the discourses in Hindi.
In such cases, knowing the Hindi language helps the seeker connect with their Indian Gurus in a more personal way, while allowing them to better understand the context behind the whole learning process.

iii – Global Influence
Another compelling reason to learn Hindi is that this language has impressed the world for so long. Don’t believe us? Apart from India, more than ten nations fall under the category of Hindi-speaking countries.

Even the versatile English language has many loanwords from Hindi. To name a few: Karma, Mantra, Guru, Yoga. Sound familiar?

Language Learning can Improve Your Thinking Process

2. Benefits of Learning a Language
Learning a foreign language comes with several added benefits. For example, the language learning process is known to enhance your cognitive and creative abilities! And did you know that when you’re studying a second language,
it actually improves your command of your mother tongue, too?

Trying on a language yet unknown to you is like opening a treasure chest. Once you unlock it, many priceless things come pouring out.

i – Boost Your Brain Power
Learning a new language activates the neurons and sharpens the thinking process. Not only that, but it also enhances your memory while slowing down the aging process of the brain cells.
How cool is that! Working on a second language has proven effects on positive cognitive skills. For instance, your way of thinking changes when the brain tries to create thought patterns in a new language.

ii – It’s So Creative!
Marveling over a completely new language is a creative way to experience the vivid richness of this world and the course of human evolution.

Learning Hindi opens the door to better understanding the Indian culture and gaining first-hand experience when you arrive here.

There are a lot of elements that go missing once a book is translated from the source language to the target language.
Learning Hindi will give you much easier access to so many commendable books and Upanishads in their original language.
You’ll be able to explore the Hindi literary works of brilliant writers and poets, such as Munshi Premchand, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, and Mahashveta Devi.

3. Personal and Professional Gains
Is India calling?

Whether you want to visit or live here for personal or professional reasons, the bottom-line is that you should take a crash course in Hindi first! We cannot emphasize enough how much it’s going to help you.

Let’s look at a few reasons why you should learn Hindi before your visit and examine a few situations where knowing the language can save you from petty troubles.

4 – Be a Bad*ss Tourist!
Traveling has its own set of pros and cons, especially when you’re about to explore a foreign land with a foreign language. Let’s face it: India, known for its mesmerizing natural beauty and countless tourist spots,
is a whole new world for many.

We have a totally different culture from what you’re probably used to. Our way of dressing, the Indian cuisine, our style of greeting, and even the popular Indian gestures are enough to puzzle any English speaker.
And you can add to that the communication gap!

But once you’re familiar with Hindi survival phrases, things will be much better. As a tourist, Hindi gives you an essential edge while shopping and bargaining, during emergencies,
while asking for directions or other kinds of help—not to mention it’s a great way to show off.

5 – Job Opportunities
Are you looking for work in India and wish to improve your chances of getting a job? Or maybe you’re already working in India and want to gel up with your new colleagues?
Learning Hindi is a sure way to boost your career, attract many opportunities, and connect with native speakers.

Another great reason to learn Hindi? You’ll finally begin to understand the context and colloquialism of your daily conversations, and have a hearty laugh with your Indian friends/coworkers.
As a result, your bonds in the workplace will become stronger. You’ll develop a more solid social network as well.

Learn Hindi. Get Better Jobs.

6 – Bollywood Movies and Songs
Nowadays, people of every nationality and linguistic background are enjoying Bollywood movies and music!

There’s just something about Hindi songs and music that touches the soul and makes our hearts dance to the beats.

If you too are an avid fan, then welcome to our Hindi cult. We can promise that once you’ve started learning Hindi, all the lyrical expressions will make much more sense,
and you’ll feel rather connected with the songs and stories depicted in the Hindi-language movies.

Movies, anyone?

7 – When Love’s in the Air!
The world has become a global village. Nowadays, people can easily connect with anyone from anywhere. This connection could turn into an amazing friendship, and who knows—maybe even into a romantic relationship!
The point is, there’s nothing more romantic than to have someone learn and express their love in your native language.

So, if you feel kind of crazy in love with a person who speaks Hindi, sweep them off their feet by learning these romantic phrases in Hindi. And if you’re already married to a native Hindi speaker,
learning the language could also deepen your bond with your partner and his/her family!

8. Hindi is Easy to Learn!
Sure, Hindi might not sound like a piece of cake when you’ve grown up speaking English or any European language. But it isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.
There are many aspects of Hindi which make it quite fun and straightforward to learn. For example:

9 – You Speak as You Write
Each syllable is spoken just as it’s written, thanks to the Devanagari script. Even for beginners, there’s no confusion when it comes to pronouncing Hindi words.
Unlike English, which has a twisted way of saying “plough” and “tough” (or “cut” and “put,” for that matter), Hindi pronunciation is much cleaner and simple.

Speak as You Write

In short, each vowel and consonant is spoken just the way it’s written, and this rule never changes. So, once you’ve mastered the ability to read Hindi and recognize the diacritics, you’ve won half the battle.
Isn’t that wonderful and relieving to know!

10. Roots To   The Best Platform for Learning Hindi

Gone are the days when one had to search for a tutor and meet them everyday, in person. Let alone the trouble of getting tied to a fixed time and juggling that into one’s daily schedule.

In such circumstances, the online Hindi learning platform offers great value. It’s time-saving, energy-saving, and personalized. What’s more, you can learn Hindi anywhere, anytime, at your convenience. And honestly, why wouldn’t someone be interested when there are as many as ways to learn Hindi.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s study together at and explore the best learning materials. Feeling clueless about where to start? Reach out to our Help Center. Our page First Steps with the System will help you get started smoothly.

All the while, we’ll be waiting to hear your topmost reason to study Hindi. Are you traveling to India or planning to date someone from here? Maybe you’re in love with the Indian music? Whatever it is, we’d love to work with you on this journey!